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10 Reasons Why We Love Ferrari Roma


Ferrari It is enjoying one of its best years in 2021 after setting a new sales record after selling more than 11,000 supercars amid the global pandemic, supply chain disruptions and prevailing economic conditions. This success owes primarily to the great interest in the F8 Tributo and Roma. They helped offset lower sales from the flagship V12 after Ferrari settled on the 812 Superfast, which remains the fastest naturally aspirated Ferrari ever.


The Maranello marque introduced the all-new Roma in 2019 to compete with the Aston Martin DB11, McLaren GT and Bentley Continental GT. While the Roma is an affordable Ferrari, it does well and has won several awards such as the Covetous Red Dot Award for its design. A beautiful innovation that looks different and has enough justification to create a special place in the Ferrari range. Here’s why we love the Ferrari Roma.

10 Elegant and sophisticated design

In pursuit of extreme aerodynamics, Ferrari’s cars are a bit over the top with their striking exterior style. But the gypsies took a simple approach, devoid of extreme aggression. Although there is a statue, the active air is well hidden, there are no scoops, slots or slashes. The result is simply a beautiful car and the most beautiful Ferrari in a hot minute.

Roma is inspired by classic 60’s cars like the 250 GT Lusso with beautifully structured punches that flow smoothly. The sculpted hood matches the shark-shaped headlights and blends neatly into the compact rear.

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9 top technology

70% of gypsy ingredients are brand new And taking advantage of the advanced technology developed by Ferrari for its new series of cars. The chassis and exoskeleton are a step forward in technology and incorporate the latest weight loss and production technologies.

Also, Ferrari has loaded the Roma with all its faster technical arms from the 5-position Manettino that allows you to seamlessly tune the car’s electronic systems to side-slip angle control and the 8-speed automatic transmission. The Variable Boost Management system makes the car super fast, with instant throttle response and no turbo lag.

8 captivating driving experience

While Roma’s design and advanced technology are a strong talking point, the driving experience should be what sets it apart from the rest of the group. It delivers a captivating ride with great handling when driving hard. And when you decide to take it easy, it’s surprisingly sweet.

It feels planted on the tarmac and moves like a train when pushed hard through turns at high speeds to reveal its exceptional cornering prowess. Find a good route, and you won’t want to stop driving Rome.

7 First class interior

Most supercars come with lots of buttons and switches all around to make you feel like you’re in a fighter plane. While this is true with modern Ferraris, things are different for the Roma, which has surprisingly good interior cohesion. It features a large 16-inch instrument cluster and a stylish 8.4-inch central infotainment screen. The physical buttons have been replaced by the haptic touch buttons on the steering wheel.

The interior is first-class with superior fabrics and premium carbon fiber accents. The center console is high, separating the two seats, and an additional 8.8-inch widescreen display on the passenger side for settings and navigation.

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6 Comfortable and easy to access

Modern supercars suffer from a lot of aggressiveness, in which everything, including creature comfort, is sacrificed for straightforward performance. Some are impossible to get in and out of. The Roma is unlike any supercar I’ve seen in this respect. It’s spacious enough to allow easy in and out, even for the tallest of us.

Interior comfort is unparalleled, with deep, comfortable leather that exudes wealth and success. He hugs you tight and makes you forget to dig. Also, in keeping with Ferrari’s eyes on the road philosophy, most controls are provided on the steering wheel via the tactile touchpad.

5 Practical super car

Roma is the closest thing to a daily driver Ferrari. Trunk space is a boring term in the supercar world, and when it’s a mid-engine, there’s little left to stash groceries. But the Roma comes with a front architecture that offers 9.6 cubic feet of luggage space in the rear. Not as wide as your favorite hot hatch, but more than you’d get from most luxury sports cars. For perspective, the Audi R8 comes with 3.9 cubic feet.

Luggage space increases to 12.1 cubic feet once the rear seats are folded. Yes, in Rome there is a back seat called a Ferrari 2 + 2, although it is intended for display and is practically unusable for ordinary adults.

4 A new breed of Ferrari Grand Tourers

The new Roma was reminiscent of the Ferrari 550 Maranello, which also had a front-cockpit engine and the appeal of a more mature and touring car. However, it was one of the best cars you could drive for $200,000 in the mid-to-late 1990s. Production ended in 2001, and Ferrari appears to have stirred its spirit with the Roma team.

It brings the allure of an old-fashioned luxury GT car and is the first of a new breed of big touring car to create a new production line, quite distinct from mid-engine sports cars like the F8 Tributo.

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3 612 Raging Ponies

International Engine of the Year award four times in a row between 2016 and 2019. She set a new record for most consecutive wins and was crowned Engine of the Year in the last two decades. The 3.9 Biturbo V8 Roma engine generates 612hp and 560lb-ft of torque.

With these raging ponies, the Ferrari feels brutal in acceleration and can sprint to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds, hit 124 mph in 9.3 seconds, and reach a top speed of 199 mph.

2 Spine Twitching V8 soundtrack

Roma is an Italian horse that can sing a good tune. The engine gets new CAMP profiles that allow it an additional 5,000 rpm. It also receives a redesigned exhaust system that features a one-piece exhaust manifold. While the car doesn’t sound as raw and sexy as classic naturally-aspirated Ferrari V8s, the twin-turbo setup makes for a distinctive, angry, tingling sound.

Like all cars in the Ferrari range, the Rome quad exhaust system has been redesigned to emit a unique roar. Its ports are also hidden under the subtle bulges at the rear for a sporty, rugged look.

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1 It can be said that almost all Ferraris

Ferrari deserves all the applause for creating a beautiful car that embodies advanced technology and perfectly balances high-speed comfort with the ability to easily transform into an angry beast with a simple switch of mode. It’s fast, elegant and can be used daily.

Perhaps the most distinctive model in the Scuderia range, with a unique body-color grille made with ever-widening perforations. Also, the Roma is the cheapest model and easiest way to get into the exclusive Ferrari property club, starting at $222,420 before options.

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