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10 reasons why we should buy an Audi R8 over a Lamborghini Huracan


super cars It is one of the most desirable cars, and as such it attracts high price tags. While this is justified in many cases, due to the research and development needed to produce such compounds, sometimes you need to check the facts before signing on the dotted line.


In order to save money, manufacturers are increasingly sharing components with others, so we must examine competing cars. no Audi R8 and LamborghiniThe Huracán is a prime example of this, with both brands being part of the vast Volkswagen Group. Although they have a lot in common, Their price tags are definitely an area in which to differ.

The Lamborghini Huracan costs upwards of $206,295, while the Audi R8 retails for a much cheaper $151,895. The disparity can be hard to justify financially, and here are 10 reasons why we should buy the R8 over the Huracan.

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10 It provides more bang for the buck

One of the many components that the Audi R8 shares with the Huracan, is its beating heart, the wild V10 engine. The engine is naturally aspirated, producing 620 horsepower from 5.2 liters of displacement.

The R8 has a top speed of 206 mph and can go from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. The Huracan, unsurprisingly, delivers similar performance, with a top speed of 202 mph and an identical 0 to 60 mph time. A premium gearbox is also shared between the two models and takes the form of a fast transmission, seven-speed, dual-clutch.

9 It has an Audi quattro system installed

Quattro translates to four in Italian and refers to four wheels driven in an all-wheel drive system. Audi first introduced this technology in the 1980 car of the same name, the legendary Audi quattro. Since then, many Audi models have used this technology, and it has become synonymous with the brand.

Therefore, it only makes sense that the Audi supercar would take advantage of the quattro in order to get the massive power out of its V10 engine down and maximize grip. The Lamborghini Huracan uses a similar electronically controlled all-wheel drive system. While performance is comparable, it lacks the legacy and fame of the Audi system.

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8 High-quality audio system available from Bang & Olufsen

One big advantage of the Audi R8, especially for those who love their music, is the option to choose Bang & Olufsen sound system. Completely bespoke, the sound designers at Bang & Olufsen tuned the system for optimal performance inside the cabin of the R8.

In total, there are 13 active speakers that collectively produce 550 watts of audio pleasure. A microphone is built into the car’s roof which monitors ambient noise and adjusts the equalizer settings accordingly. Some Huracan owners report that the audio system provided in their cars is somewhat lacking, and even at higher volumes it is very quiet.

7 There are many options for comfort and luxury

While the interior of the R8 may look somewhat tame compared to the Huracan, it is well assembled and a great place to spend some time.

Nice touches like wireless smartphone charging, cup holders and two USB ports make the car easy to live with and perfect for a long GT-style road trip. Both a bucket and more comfortable sport seats are available, so depending on your preference, you should be able to get a comfortable driving position.

6 R8 attracts less attention

While a lot of people undoubtedly enjoy the interest that owning a supercar brings, sometimes you want to be able to drive around without going off like a sore thumb.

The Audi R8 is still a very impressive supercar; However, the appearance of the car is slightly inferior. In comparison, the Huracan has more aggressive and aggressive corners, which even non-cars consider it something special. Streamlined looks also mean law enforcement is less likely to focus, if you enjoy spirited driving. It’s obviously far from a sleeper, but in some specs, it can really blend into the background if you want to.

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5 Exhaust note brutal

While both cars are equipped with the same V10 engine and both make thunderous noises, there are a few differences.

The Huracan is arguably the louder and more aggressive of the two, however, the R8 still sounds great. Hit the sports exhaust button on the steering wheel, and the volume rises dramatically to deliver a brutal sound. The differences between the cars are very slight, and this is another unwarranted area of ​​additional spending on the Huracan.

4 R8 provides best practice

While no supercar will be truly practical, being able to take enough gear to enjoy an exciting road trip can make all the difference.

Under the hood of the R8, about 112 liters of things can be stored. By comparison, the Huracan can only swallow 99 liters. Although neither car performs particularly well, a slight boost to the R8 could prove beneficial. Fortunately, there is space in both cars behind the seats, so you can cram a few extra essentials.

3 Cheaper service and insurance

While both cars are very similar mechanically, the Lamborghini badge definitely attracts a premium when it comes to insurance. While insurance costs vary greatly depending on a number of aspects specific to an individual, this makes comparison difficult. Higher purchase cost, more parts availability, higher depreciation, and more expensive repairs mean the Lamborghini Huracan will always take the higher priced option under any circumstances.

In terms of service, despite the many components in common, Lamborghini being a supercar maker tends to charge a lot more than the premium, but still predominates. Even to complete the same maintenance. Over a few years of ownership, these additional costs can really accumulate.

2 He’s a better daily driver

Although none of these cars are traditionally viewed as everyday, with their reliability and build quality, they shouldn’t let you down. Where the R8 outperforms its Italian counterpart is in its refinement. The Huracán is intentionally crafted to offer a raw feel. Thus, the R8 is better at repelling annoying winds and road noise, while providing a more comfortable ride. During regular city driving, the slightly softer suspension provides a more pleasant overall experience.

Drivers can travel in relative luxury, while keeping all the power of the massive V10 engine at their disposal. The R8’s less dramatic styling makes maneuvering in tight urban areas much easier, where visibility is a bit better. A less aggressive body kit also means that dreaded clutch scratches are less likely.

1 Premium virtual cockpit

The Virtual Cockpit is essentially a 12.3-inch command center, from which the driver can view and control most of the vehicle’s features and functions. All the information a driver could ask for is just a glimpse, on speed, lap rates, temperatures, tire pressures and even lap times and acceleration readings.

The system is very smooth, and The main functions can be switched easily using the steering wheel-mounted “View” button. One particularly resourceful feature is that the navigation can be displayed in several different ways, depending on the driver’s preference.

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