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Genesis has beefed up its luxury vehicle lineup, and the all-electric 2023 GV60 is the latest model to join the lineup. Features standard all-wheel drive, even 248 miles of EPA estimated range And like many electric SUVs, it mixes design cues from a hatchback and a four-door coupe. The result is a sporty-looking electric vehicle that hints at the performance potential of its electric motor.

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We had our first chance to try out the GV60 at the Midwest Automobile Association’s spring rally in Lake Elkhart, Wisconsin, where the Genesis brought in an even stronger EV performance level. While the base Advanced model makes 314 hp, the Performance version gets a more powerful front engine with a total output of 429 hp. Other performance-oriented changes include stronger brakes, an adaptive suspension and an electronic limited-slip differential. Here’s what this version of the GV60 looks like driving.

sporty calm

The GV60 Performance has a tightly tuned suspension, but it handles bumps well without any roughness. It also exhibits limited body roll in corners and has responsive steering. There’s a distinct driving experience feature that goes with the premium GV60 insignia, and it feels quite sporty overall.

It’s fast, too; Accelerate hard in Sport driving mode and the GV60 pushes you into your seat as you sprint forward. Genesis says the EV can go from 0-62 mph in 4 seconds when the Boost Mode function, which increases output to 483 horsepower for 10 seconds, is active.

The electric vehicle’s selectable one-pedal drive feature feels very natural, and provides smooth transitions between acceleration and braking, depending on the position of the throttle. It felt more precise than driving on one pedal in the all-electric Volvo C40 Recharge.

Outside visibility from the GV60’s driver’s seat is good, with good views forward and over the shoulder, but the rear window is divided by a horizontal bar. The bar is not very large, but as on other vehicles with this design, such as the Toyota Prius, it restricts the rear view in a way that a single piece of glass does not. Also, the GV60 doesn’t have a rear wiper to clean the windshield when it rains, which further obstructs visibility.

Familiar yet new interior

The Performance model has comfortable front bucket seats trimmed in Nappa leather, and the driver’s seat also includes a power extension cushion and power-adjustable side bolsters. The rear seat is large enough to fit taller adults while providing headroom, but it’s not the most comfortable spot due to the low seat cushion that results in a knees seating position that doesn’t provide much thigh support.

Despite the EV GV60’s forward-looking propulsion system, the controls inside are familiar and straightforward — not always with EVs. The interior has its share of eye candy, including what Genesis calls the crystal ball in the center console that rotates to reveal a rotating gear selector, but it doesn’t reduce overall usability. However, I’m not a fan of the many backlit silver buttons in the cabin, which are hard to decipher when the GV60’s headlights are on but not completely dark outside, as it is during daytime rain.

There are two 12.3-inch wide screens – one for the dashboard and the other for the multimedia system. The multimedia system can be operated by a rotating console in front of the Crystal Sphere gear selector, but the display is also a touchscreen if you prefer this type of interface, and the display is easy to access.

Pricing and availability

The 2023 GV60 is on sale now, but not everywhere — initial availability has been set in California, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. Pricing for the GV60 starts at $59,985 for the entry-level advanced trim (all destination prices included), but at $68,985 the Performance is significantly more expensive. Eligible buyers can claim Federal tax credit Up to $7,500, the GV60 may be eligible for an additional amount State incentives.

If you’re in one of these launch markets and are shopping for a luxury electric vehicle, the GV60 deserves your attention. While the overall driving range isn’t as long as the Tesla Model Y, the GV60’s focus on performance is similar, and it has more intuitive interior controls.

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