Aston Martin Green Red Bull’s F1 reaction is unfair


At last weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, Aston’s AMR22 was revealed as one of several heavily modified machines, with changes to the car’s sides and cooling geometry cited as making the green car look strikingly similar to Red Bull’s RB18.


Controversy over Aston’s changes swirled throughout the Barcelona weekend, even after the FIA ​​cleared the team of any wrongdoing.

Red Bull appears to have remained unconvinced, continuing in Spain to comment on the possibility of illegal intellectual property transfers when it comes to F1 car design team switching teams and launching an internal investigation to determine whether any infringement occurred in this case.

Fallows is one of several former Red Bull aerodynamic employees who have recently joined Aston, but as one of the most well-known employees to have moved through, he has been regularly cited in explanations of the controversy, even as Red Bull Motorsports consultant Helmut Marko said, It’s not just Dan Fallows” and Aston’s chief technical officer, Andy Green, stated that “the majority of [2022 design information] The versions were released before anyone from the Red Bull team even showed up.”

Fallows’ move from Red Bull to Aston sparked a legal dispute between the two sides over his previous contract and when he would be allowed to join his new team, which he was finally allowed to do on April 2 this year.

When asked by what he had done about the controversy that followed adding the updates to the 2022 Aston package, Vettel said: “I think it just wasn’t fair at one point.

“Especially, first of all, all the efforts that have been made [to change the AMR22].

“Second, on a personal level to Dan Fallows. I don’t think it was fair. I think some of the things that were said were not true.

“He’s a very good guy. I remember him from my time at Red Bull and he obviously joined the team and is with us now.

“So, some of the things that were said were not true and I would like to hear that… not an apology, just… well, they would never hear anything… but what I mean is, some of the things that were said were not fair.”

Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin

Photography: Zach Moger / motorsports pictures

Aston has made it clear that it has produced two design concepts for the AMR22 – one that became the car it started the season with and the second that is now in operation, the concept similar to the RB18.

Speaking alongside Vettel at the pre-workout press conference at the Monaco GP this weekend, Lance Stroll said of the saga, “We built the car” and “the FIA ​​said it’s good and legal – they let us compete”.

He added: “Parts of it look the same, I think Red Bull, but we were at the factory who designed it and I think the team did a great job of imparting every detail to Barcelona.

“Because it was difficult for several weeks before the race and it was very difficult to get all the parts to Barcelona for both cars.”

Vettel also stated that Aston had made the decision to switch to its alternative “around race one” concept for the 2022 season.

There was uncertainty [on] The four-time world champion said.

“So the decision was made very early – I don’t remember exactly but I think before the first race, about the first race – and from then on that was a huge boost because it’s basically a new car.

“But I think with the previous car we had, we saw that there are some difficulties like other teams that are having and struggling with.

We haven’t made much progress [with the other design]so we think it’s the best direction.

“This is not our decision [as drivers when a change of car concept needs to be made]It’s entirely up to the team, the engineers, mostly from the aerodynamics department to lead the way and then for anyone else to have the headache of solving the problem.”

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