ATF: The Milford man had pipe bombs in his car, and explosives in his home


FORT WAYNE, India (WANE) – A Milford man accused of having pipe bombs in the trunk of his car and bomb-making materials inside his home once threatened to blow up the home of people they supposedly owed him money, according to the US. District Court documents.


A federal grand jury indicted Bradley Reed, 36, on Wednesday, charging him with felony counts of firearm possession, possession of a firearm while using a controlled substance and illegal possession of a bomb.

The charges began on May 2, when police officer Lagrange launched an investigation that would eventually include the Fort Wayne Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

That officer stopped a southbound Chrysler 300 on Detroit Street with the driver’s side lamp on.

Court documents said Reed was driving while a man riding in the front passenger seat had an arrest warrant pending in Elkhart County. The officer who stopped them said in court documents that he could smell marijuana coming from the car.

Court documents revealed a search in the car for marijuana, but in the trunk of the car the officers also found two rifles—both 12-gauge Remingtons—as well as shotgun shells, .40-caliber handgun ammunition and shooting targets.

Reed has at least two previous criminal convictions in the past, according to court records, that have prevented him from traveling with these particular weapons.

Officers then discovered a black plastic case in the box. Inside the case, the officers found a galvanized steel tube with two end caps and a green fuse coming from one of those caps as well as a cylindrical body firmly attached with plastic ties and another green valve.

Reed and his passenger were taken to LaGrange County Jail. Officers at the scene called the Fort Wayne Police Bomb Squad. A bomb technician determined that both devices were tube bombs and that one was filled with pistol ammunition and metal BBs, according to court documents.

“Adding metal to the interior of the device would cause injury or death to an individual as these elements become shrapnel when the device explodes,” an ATF agent wrote in court documents.

The bombs also appeared to be locally made.

While in prison, Reed admitted to possessing at least one of the guns. He initially denied knowing anything about the plastic bag. When asked if the police would find his fingerprints or DNA in the case, Reed initially told them he didn’t understand the question.

When asked again, Reed shook his head up and down as if to say yes, according to court documents, and then called for a lawyer.

Agents with the ATF along with officers from the Fort Wayne, Elkhart and LaGrange police departments searched Reed’s home in Milford.

While searching, they found zip ties already assembled in a circular fashion like those in other bombs, a binary explosive used in firearms practice but also common in making IEDs, a smokeless powder typically used as a filler in tube bombs. The length of the green wick.

Reade’s friend was at home and told detectives that he had two rifles and a pistol. Court documents said the guns they described matched the guns in the trunk of the car he was driving. When she showed a picture of the plastic bag the officers found, she said she recognized it as Reid.

The court documents also said she told them that Reid had threatened to “blow up” the home of people who owed him money and described him as a daily methamphetamine abuser.

Reid was initially held at Lagrange, and has since been transferred to Allen County Jail and is being held without bond.

He is due to appear in court for the first time on Friday.

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