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Audi R8 driver disbelief because mysterious noises bill him huge

Audi R8 driver disbelief because mysterious noises bill him huge
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An Audi owner has been left in disbelief after hearing strange noises that turned into a maintenance bill of over £31,000.

Jim Street, 34, took his Audi R8 Spyder Quattro V10 to an Audi dealership to fix the mysterious noise that got louder when he was driving faster.

Mr Street first bought the car from a third-party dealer nine months ago for £87,000, Derbyshire Live Reports.

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After an initial service at Nottingham Audi in the Lenton industrial estate on February 11, Mr Street was billed £4,500 to fit four new tires and several other repairs.

Soon after service, the car began to make strange noises.

He then took it to Nottingham-Ode for a second time, where he said he had been told workers would investigate and find out what was wrong.

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On 25 February, two weeks after receiving it, Mr Street was billed £31,289.50 for repair work which included a new gearbox, which cost the same around £29,000 including VAT.

He said that he “atones” for issuing the “extortion” bill and this has caused him pressure.

Mr Street, from Rushcliffe in Nottinghamshire, said: “I am in disbelief, I have never had an experience like it.

“That’s enough to deposit an amount in a house, who has that kind of money to give and say there you are, stop?

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“It’s a dream car for me and I had to pay for it and I didn’t get it, getting that bill was a huge shock and I had to adapt to receiving such a bill.

“I ended up canceling some engagements because of the stress, it just made me feel weak.

“I was expecting it to be somewhere between £5,000 and £10,000, given the new car parts it shouldn’t be that much.”

Mr Street says he is refusing to pay the bill, and claims that Audi may try to persuade him to sell them the car because of a line on the bill, which Nottinghamshire Live has seen, that reads: ‘We buy cars with cash and can settle any financing’ with the contact number.

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He said, “The amount of money I was asked to pay is completely unrealistic and extortionate, I have never seen a bill this high for a car repair in my life.

“I feel like it hasn’t been underestimated for the gearbox, and I feel as if I didn’t get support and no solution offered.

“The dealer told me the car had been modified, and if it had not, the part would be free, but I was not told any modifications when I bought it nor did I make any modifications to it.

“Alarm bells started ringing when I saw the offer to buy cars on the invoice, and it felt like I said they wanted me to sell the car for a lower price, along with the astronomical invoice.”

An Audi UK spokesperson said: “Audi UK is aware of the situation with respect to Mr Street.

Nottingham Audi has conditionally diagnosed the vehicle and found that the vehicle’s performance has been modified beyond factory specifications.

“Audi UK agrees with the findings and can confirm that Nottingham Audi will contact Mr Street in an effort to try to resolve this matter.”

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