10 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds


In two studies that were recently published in researchers from the Journal of Psychiatric Research and the Journal of Applied Developmental Science Researchers found that having dogs did not just make those with mental health problems feel better and more relaxed, but also increased their likelihood to assist others. Further research has revealed that dogs’ ownership can lower blood pressure, increases dopamine and serotonin levels within the brain, and reduces cholesterol and triglycerides.

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If you’re already a dog owner, Some of these issues might be already a part of your routine. You’re aware of the meaning of having dogs and how they’ve affected your life. If you’re contemplating having a dog and having problems with your mental wellbeing, they can be a source of comfort and companionship. They can ease the stress of depression, loneliness and. We’ve compiled a list of the top emotional support dogs. They are sure to make your day more enjoyable.

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