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A Billings teen is accused of shooting multiple rounds out of a car window and hitting a house while driving around town over the weekend with two other teens.

Anthony Allen Wilson, 18, appeared in Yellowstone County Court on Wednesday. He was charged with criminal endangerment after police allegedly found him traveling in a car with a gun in the back seat after reports of someone shooting from the car. He pleaded not guilty.

Anthony Allen Wilson

Anthony Allen Wilson, 18, faces criminal endangerment charges after multiple shots from a rifle hit Billings’ home on May 28.

Photo courtesy of Yellowstone County Detention Facility

Officers from the Billings Police Department responded to a report of a home shooting in Building 900 of North 24th Street on Saturday. One resident told police that bullets penetrated the walls of the house while people were still inside, according to court documents. The resident also said that the shooter was in a black passenger car. During the same day, BPD received several calls about a black Chevy car being shot.

A Billings officer was on patrol along Grand Avenue when he spotted a black Chevrolet Impala on Third Street West. He made a turn to stop the car and activated his emergency lights, the documents say, when a gunshot allegedly came from the Impala. He turned on his siren as the car was speeding up Second Street West. On D Street, the driver climbed onto the sidewalk to avoid the construction area. The car hit a fire hydrant and a tree before coming to a stop.

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The 17-year-old driver and front-seat passenger, later identified as Wilson, allegedly escaped police. Officers chased Wilson as he ran south. In the end he heard demands that he come down to the ground and was arrested. Police found a handgun on the sidewalk along the route he took when he ran, according to court documents. He was lying in front of a house at 1600 block of Second Street West. The pistol was reportedly stolen, According to a BPD statement posted on social media the next day.

A second passenger in the back seat, a 17-year-old, remained in the car. And later arrested. Police also found an AR-15 rifle tilted on the front passenger seat. Investigators recovered several shells from the front passenger seat floorboard, according to shipping documents.

Yellowstone County prosecutors filed charges against Wilson on Tuesday. He faces one count of criminal involvement, as prosecutors allege he shot the house on North 24th Street. As an alternative to the charge of criminal endangerment, he faces two counts of criminal endangerment through accountability. He was also charged with tampering with evidence and obstructing a peace officer, which stemmed from his claim that he threw a gun to the ground while trying to escape from the police.

If convicted of a criminal offense, a felony, Wilson could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $50,000. After his first court appearance on Wednesday, he remained in custody in the Yellowstone County Jail.

The Yellowstone County District Attorney’s office could not be reached on Wednesday to answer questions about whether the two 17-year-olds who were allegedly traveling with Wilson would face similar charges.

Wilson’s arrest was one of many calls involving the use of firearms over Memorial Day weekend, narrowing the scope of law enforcement in the county and city. On Sunday, the five-hour armed standoff in Billings Heights ended with police using an armored truck to enter the home of a man suspected of holding his wife and three children hostage. Robert Gans, 44, is currently detained at the YCDF. After his arrest, the police took up to 30 guns from the residents.

On Monday, Billings officers shot and killed a 19-year-old man who was driving away from a routine traffic stop. Police trapped the man in an alley along Bernstead Road, Billings Police Chief Rich St. John said at a news conference Tuesday. The young man fired several bullets from a pistol, one of which hit an officer. Thirteen officers opened fire on the man who died at the scene. The shooting is currently being investigated, and the man’s name has not yet been revealed.

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