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rice city – The drivers were cited after two cars collided on a residential street in Cedar City on Wednesday morning.

Scene of a two-vehicle collision on 700 West, Cedar City, Utah, June 29, 2022 | Photo by Jeff Richards, St. George’s News/Cedar City News

The accident, which was reported shortly after 10:15 a.m., occurred at 700 West midway between 400 South and 500 South. It included a yellow Ford Focus and a gray Subaru Impreza.

Heather Daines, a Cedar City Police Officer, said the Subaru driver was heading north on 700 W as the Ford driver was moving forward from the driveway of a house along the street.

“(The driver) pulled out of the yellow Ford and didn’t see the driver going north and the Subaru ended up hitting the front of the yellow car,” Daines told Cedar City News. “It looked like a head-on collision, but it was in a bigger angle.”

After the collision, Subaru continued north for another 150 feet or so before coming to a stop. The man who was driving the Subaru was reported to have sustained unspecified minor injuries. After he was evaluated by paramedics at the scene, he was later taken to the hospital by a special vehicle for additional treatment.

Meanwhile, the Ford driver had minor injuries, including corroded airbags. Daines added that besides the drivers, there were no other passengers in either vehicle.

Daines said the Ford driver cited his failure to surrender, while the Subaru driver received a speeding signal.

The speed limit on the road, along with most other residential streets around the city, is 25 mph.

Both cars sustained severe damage to the front end and were towed from the scene.

The second unrelated incident

In a similar but unrelated accident about three hours later, two cars collided Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of 200 North and 100 East near Cedar City Street Park.

Two vehicles collide at 100 East and 200 North, Cedar City, Utah, June 29, 2022 | Photo by Jeff Richards, St. George’s News/Cedar City News

Cedar City Police Officer Zachary Banes said one driver was trying to go straight through 200 North, while the other was trying to turn around. He said investigators have not yet been able to determine which driver has right-of-way.

“We don’t know who is technically at fault at this point,” Bans told Cedar City News at the scene. “We don’t know who reached the stop sign first.”

In that accident, the driver of a silver Toyota Yaris was taken to hospital via Gold Cross Ambulance for evaluation. Her injuries were not thought to be serious.

Meanwhile, in the other car, a blue Hyundai Elantra sedan, neither the woman driving, nor her passenger, a young child, were hurt.

Although Hyundai appeared to be still operable despite the relatively minor damage to the front end, Toyota had more damage to its driver’s side door and needed to be towed from the scene.

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