Bucyrus’ Eliminators Car Club is more than just cool cars


The Eliminators Car Club does various charities throughout the year and has raised nearly $32,000 for the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

Dave Neumann and Dennis Mollenkopf discussed a plan in 1963 for the Auto Removal Club. The name refers to specific class winners in sanctionable drag races such as Top Stock and Top Modified Class Eliminator. Dave Hancock said they have added a few friends from the area to make the plans, including John Kinneriman, Larry Stewart, Rick Caleb, Ross Raefsnyder, Dennis, Bob Mollenkopf, Mike Schnabel, Ron Raybuck, Daryl Stevenson and Rick Smith. They were known for their white shirts, skinny black ties and their new logo featuring a small hole Model A Ford Coupe. The abrasives have also been recognized by the National Automobile Clubs Registry.


Their club held dances Saturday nights at the Junior Order Hall above Toyland in Sullivan. Later, a dance took place in 1964 at the Crawford County Fairgrounds with the Johnny Gibson Trio (Beachcomber tune) a 1960s group popular in Toledo and Detroit. They also had road rallies similar to poker tours and car shows to continue their community projects.

The Eliminators Car Club was first formed in the early 1960s and reorganized in the late 1990s.

In 1964, the club purchased a 1956 Pontiac two-door roof. Skip Krauslock—a member of the 1950s NASCAR team and owner of Krauslock Oldsmobile-Cadillac Garage—guided them through building his engine. John Rossington is the current owner of the building known as Ohio Auto Parts. (See his story on March 19, 2022).

Removers were reorganized around 1998

In the late 1960s, members were going to college, getting married, and having families, and the group broke up. Reorganized from 1998 to 1999 and Glenn Steiner opened his home at the time for monthly meetings; New officers have been named and the group has already taken off. The club started a 50/50 lottery with half of the proceeds to the winner and the other half to the treasury. The group has continued to grow to the current membership of 150 members with the oldest being in his early 1990s.

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