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This week, we’ll go behind the scenes of the cover of the current issue. After finishing shooting the Lost Heroes we showed up on this show last week, we headed out to meet the Aston Martin V12 Vantage for another day of shooting. After the lone twilight drive through the Welsh backbone of the NISMO GTR, we reached the overnight stay in Elan Valley where the red Aston Martin was already parked, taking what appeared to be about 60 per cent of the parade route in the small village where we were based. It was going to be another tough day.


The next morning was an early start, as snapper Matt Hoyle and the rest of the team wanted to capture the dim light over and around the swamps we were filming in. The siren sounds at 5.30 in the morning, we go out the door for six people, we head into the village and get out of it in a gentle caravan, warming up the liquids as meekly as possible so as not to awaken the neighboring villages.

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Of course it’s impossible not to draw attention in a convoy of the bright white and cherry red Aston Martin GT-R, both of which pop from the carbon fiber wings and chin spoiler that look more at home on the smooth surfaces of Silverstone that Aston called home for the first part of Filmed the day before.

On site, we weren’t just taking still photos, but we also shot some stills that you might have seen in our V12 Vantage video. The narrow roads and open landscape gave us some stunning views, and apart from capturing the attention of holiday seekers in their campers, we pretty much had the roads to ourselves, resulting in the amazing photos you see here.

However, not everything was so simple, while the site yielded impressive results, Vantage itself was a mixed bag. As an Aston Martin V12-powered swan song, we were expecting fireworks, but as Steve Sutcliffe reveals in the current release and on our website Youtube video, there is something wrong. To find out why and how Aston Martin can’t quite make it, be sure to get a current issue.

Car Pictures of the Week: Archive

Here are some of our favorite images from previous versions of Evo Cars of the week pictures. Click on photos for full galleries.

Gallery 1

Click below to see all the photos of our first car photos of the week’s show, featuring the indomitable Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the mk1 Volkswagen Golf GTI, the Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 and the stunning Porsche 911 the singer has reimagined.

Gallery 2

Here we dig again in Evo Archives where we’ve pulled some iconic images of the Ford GT a little out of context in the European Alps, the TVR Sagaris in central London, the Audi RS2 as well as one of the most popular double-tests between the Ferrari 599 GTO and the Lexus LF-A.

Gallery 3

The previous generation Bentley Continental GT seems to get better with age, an idea that Jaguar’s E-Type reflects when in modern “lightweight” form. Both of these British icons, as well as the Aston Martin Vantage GT12 appear in the third exhibition.

Gallery 4

Fans may have cried when Ferrari decided to run the Ferrari 488 turbo, but it’s not as if Ferrari doesn’t have a history with turbocharged V8s. Here, 488 stars participated alongside the stunning F40, while elsewhere in this show we’re taking the Porsche Cayman GTS to Japan for a stunning mountain blast.

Gallery 5

Italian twelve-cylinder supercars seem to be the main agenda in the fourth car Evo In pictures of the week’s auto show, here are four V12 Lambos and the stunning 599 SA Aperta Limited Edition along with the previous 550 Barchetta.

Gallery 6

GT3s and GT-Rs are just the start of Gallery Six, with the Noble M600, Aston Martin One 77 and two of McLaren’s flagship cars filling our most impressive gallery to date.

Gallery 7

Gallery new and old, here’s the McLaren 720S cemented its place as a truly cool supercar with a bold night shot with the Audi R8 LMX, pitting the Nissan GT-R and Audi Quattro against each other on Welsh mountain roads and driving the original Hakusuka GT-R.

Gallery 8

Ford RS200 in a moody dark garage is just one of many stunning shots in our 8th gallery, click the image for the full gallery

Gallery 9

Click the image below for our ninth photos of cars from the week’s fair, including this hardcore collection!

Gallery 10

Our 10th gallery has taken it to another level, including the wettest photo in history (apparently).

Gallery 11

The best and most unique Ferrari supercars are featured in the eleven car pictures of the week.

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