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Like many automakers, Audi is using 2023 as a catch-up year as it works through supply chain issues and uncertain demand. What is indisputable is Audi’s commitment to battery electric vehicles (BEVs). In the past 18 months, the German luxury brand has introduced several new E-tron models, including the Audi E-tron GT, RS E-tron GT, Q4 E-tron and Q4 Sportback E-tron.


2023 Audi RS 5 Coupe Competition Package Red Front Quarter View Action European Mode

Audi says it expects to sell more electric electric vehicles in the US than any luxury brand manufacturer by the end of 2022. Company executives anticipate additional availability of the Audi E-tron GT, RS E-tron GT and Q4 E-tron , and the Q4 Sportback E-tron. Audi has said it plans to achieve net carbon neutrality by 2050.

At the same time, Audi is ramping up its offering of petrol electric cars, and it is also continuing to boost its traditional fleet of petrol vehicles. The most exciting Audi model available for 2023 is the next generation RS 3 sedan, the high-performance sibling to the new Audi S3.

Equipment changes and package upgrades prevail across the Audi 2023 range. Changes made to individual model lines are listed below in alphabetical order.

Completely revamped for 2022, the Audi A3 small luxury sedan and its counterpart S3 sports sedan get minor changes for 2023. Audi upgraded the 2023 A3 40 with full LED headlights and stitched leather armrests. Perhaps the most welcome change is the ability to order adaptive cruise control (ACC) as an option on the A3 and S3 base trim levels. The convenience package for both now includes a wireless charging pad. Premium Plus trim now features LED interior lighting and birch inlay. Audi includes new wheels and tires on the Black Optic Sport package.

Performance enthusiasts will undoubtedly prefer the all-new second-generation RS 3 sedan, which arrived in late 2022. Audi equips the renewed model with a five-cylinder engine that produces 401 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. The automaker says the engine will catapult the new RS 3 from zero to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. A new suspension with Dynamic Chassis Control lowers the RS 3 by 25 mm below the A3, providing continuous, real-time tuning. Audi equips the new model with an RS torque splitter that uses electronically controlled clutches on each rear drive shaft, allowing the system to apply variable torque to each wheel.

The Audi A4 compact luxury sedan gets minor styling and package changes for 2023. The A4 40, 45 and Allroad now have standard LED headlights in a distinctive configuration. The popular Black Optic Plus package on the A4 45 now offers more black than ever, including the exhaust tips and rear lip spoiler. And since black is the new black, buyers can order the 2023 A4 Allroad with the Black Optic Plus package for the first time. Available in Premium Plus and Prestige trims, the package features a gray contrast paint job, body-color door handles, black roof rails, black exhaust tips, black exterior trim, black mirror housings, and 18-inch graphite gray wheels. Audi is also adding the ACC to the A4 and S4’s comfort package.

Additional features and package options are the main changes to the Audi A5 for 2023. LED matrix headlights are now standard equipment on all A5 cars. The A5 Coupe, A5 Sportback 45 and A5 Cabriolet get new 18-inch five-spoke wheels. Audi also fits the A5 Cabriolet with an S-shaped exterior design, illuminated door sills, gray oak trim, and sport front seats. Mods to Black Optic packs add more black elements. A5 and S5 buyers who opted for the Comfort package now get ACC.

The headline in the 2023 RS 5 is the availability of the new Competition Package that includes improved hardware as well as cosmetic improvements. Audi massaged the engine control unit and installed the coil-over suspension for 2023. The suspension change lowers the ride height by 10mm, and customers can “manually” lower the ride height by another 10mm if they choose. The package also includes a modified rear differential and a textured steering. These tweaks allow Audi to raise the speed limiter to 180 mph versus 174. Matte carbon fiber and a glossy black finish add spice to the exterior.

The newly added Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) is the most significant change in the 2023 Audi A6. The Premium A6 45 and 55 TFSI rims now have Adaptive Cruise Assist with Lane Steering as part of the comfort package. Prestige adds Remote Parking Assistance.

For 2023, the high-performance S6 gets a new Premium look with the available Convenience Package. The S6 Executive package includes adaptive cruise control with lane guidance, a powered trunk lid, and LED interior lighting. A new Audi Sport stitching kit is now available, including a black cabin with red contrast stitching. The S6 Premium Plus model includes LED interior lighting; heated leather dash rear seats, armrests and console; and driver assistance technology.

Audi is adding more standard features to the A7 luxury hatchback for 2023. Adaptive cruise control is a new addition to the premium base model, and Prestige trims get the additional Remote Park Assist. For the new model year, Audi combined the features of the S Line and Black Optic package; The new combo is available on all A7 models.

The performance-conscious S7 gets a new premium design, and a new stitching package is now available from Audi Sport. Includes a black cabin with red contrast stitching and black seat belts with red trim.

The full-size A8 sedan has received a light refresh for the mid-cycle 2022, so the changes for 2023 are minor. The high-resolution matrix LED headlights are available as part of the Comfort Plus package. Audi has also added remote parking assistance in addition to the A8 and S8 Executive packages. The enthusiast-ready S8 also gets a standard Valcona leather interior with contrast stitching. (Yes, stitching a rhombus.)

For 2023, the Audi E-tron and E-tron Sportback battery-electric SUVs return largely unchanged except for the equipment package modifications. Audi now fits the E-tron Sportback Prestige with 22-inch bi-color wheels, orange front and rear brake calipers, rear side airbags with illuminated seat belt buckles, and matrix headlights. Also for 2023, the Prestige in the E-tron Sportback received the standard Black Optic exterior package. The Prestige trim level for the E-tron S and E-tron S Sportback now features LED headlights with a digital matrix design.

Changes in exterior appearance and equipment mark the 2023 Audi E-tron GT and high-production RS E-tron GT. Audi has replaced the gray grille of the 2022 E-tron GT with a body-color grille. Perhaps more fundamentally, a Bang and Olufsen sound system and 20-inch all-season tires are now standard on the E-tron GT. Owners will likely appreciate that Audi added a second charging port on the passenger side of the E-tron GT.

A ceramic brake package with anthracite calipers and 21-inch five-spoke concave wheels is available on the sizzling 2023 RS E-tron GT. The electric sports car also benefits from the same standard changes as the E-tron GT.

The distinctively designed full LED headlights have become a new standard for all Audi 2023 compact crossovers. The wireless phone charging pad replaces the previous model’s phone box with a signal booster. Two new wheel designs are available on the Q3 40: 18-inch five-spoke wheels are standard, with 19-inch 20-spoke wheels available as part of the new Black Optic package on the Premium model. Additionally, the Q3 45 adds 20-inch swivel wheels with summer tires as an option with the Black Optic Sport Package.

All-new for 2022, the Audi Q4 E-tron and Q4 E-tron Sportback aren’t changed much for the new model year as production and availability increase. The twin models are Audi’s electric and battery-powered SUV. A single asynchronous electric motor powers the Q4 40 E-tron rear motor, while the Q4 50 E-tron and Q4 E-tron Sportback have an all-electric version of the Audi Quattro all-wheel drive (AWD) using twin asynchronous motors. All three variants seat five and feature well-finished interiors that are surprisingly spacious. Quattro models can tow up to 2,600 pounds when properly equipped.

The Audi Q5 crossover is the brand’s best-selling model, and its most significant change is the addition of the ACC. It is standard on all Q5 and SQ5 models. Audi includes a Bang and Olufsen audio system on the Premium Plus model. The Q5 55 adds OLED taillights to the Sport Plus package on the Prestige level.

The biggest news for the full-size Audi Q7 all-wheel drive is the new 261-horsepower four-cylinder engine now fitted to the Q7 45 TFSI. It represents an increase of 13 horsepower over the previous power plant. A new interior package that adds leather with dashboard stitching is standard across the lineup. Audi includes matrix-design LED headlights in the trim level Q7 45 TFSI Premium Plus, while the Q7 55 TFSI gets headlights standard. Additionally, the Premium Plus Convenience package now includes ACC with lane steering.

The performance-oriented 2023 SQ7 with Executive Package now features dual-pane glass. Later in the model year, 22-inch factory wheels will be available for the first time on the SQ7.

The changes made to the large Audi Q8 crossover mirror those of the Q7. Additionally, headlight washers and headlight/rear headlight animations are now standard on the 2023 Q8 and SQ8. As you might imagine, the Q8’s Premium trim Convenience package now includes adaptive cruise assist with lane steering.

The Executive Package is available on the Premium Plus model on the Q8 and SQ8, and adds double-pane glass for a quieter interior environment. New interior packages are also available for the 2023 Q8, which adds leatherette with stitching on the dashboard on Premium trim and leatherette with stitching on the armrests and console on Premium Plus. Prestige trim adds an additional remote parking assist feature.

For 2022, Audi has given the mid-engined R8 sports car more horsepower, even as rumors of a replacement swirl. Audi won’t confirm this, nor will it confirm that a 2023 model is imminent, but the car manufacturer has suggested that it will soon release news regarding the 2023 R8.

Audi fits the 2023 Audi TT Coupe and TT Roadster with new 18-inch alloy wheels, while the more powerful TTS remains unchanged for 2023. Limited Edition, top spec, 394 hp, TT RS discontinued.

Audi is the source for the information in this article. It was accurate on June 27, 2022, but it may have changed since that date. Always confirm product details and availability with the vehicle manufacturer’s website or your local dealer.

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