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Whether it’s due to rising gas prices or a desire to reduce your carbon footprint, more people are looking to electric vehicles and automakers are responding with more options. But as with all new cars these days, electric vehicle prices — even after tax credits are deducted — and meager inventories make shoppers take a second look at used cars.


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This is a good thing. A healthy used electric car market will be important for its public acceptance because most car shoppers in the United States buy used cars. New registrations for used cars in 2021 outnumbered registrations for new cars by about 3 to 1, according to data company Experian.

Model of the year 2017-19 Used electric car choices according to the maximum range

Here are some of the electric vehicles available for the 2017-2019 models—those you might now find as used vehicles that come off leases or are swapped out by first owners. Some were available in previous years, while others arrived for 2019; The model names below will link you to details of all available model years for this electric vehicle.

These electric vehicles are listed in order from the EPA-rated maximum range when new to the 2019 Top Performing Edition. Other versions and model years may have a lower rating, a complete list of ranges can be found by vehicle and next year Environmental Protection Agency website. Keep in mind, however, that a used car’s range will likely be lower than the estimated range when new. The EPA website also lists vehicles Equivalent to miles per gallonan efficiency measure of how much electricity you will use for the miles you travel.

Tesla Model S long range: 370 miles

Tesla’s original large luxury electric sedan was launched in 2012. Several versions offered in the 2017-19 model years, including standard and performance all-wheel drive, offer a range of at least 210 miles.

Tesla Model 3 long range: 310 miles

Tesla launched its smaller, less expensive luxury compact sedan in 2017. Several versions in the 2017-19 model years offer at least 220 miles of range.

Tesla Model X Long Range: 325 miles

Tesla launched its luxury three-row electric SUV for 2016. While the long-range versions deliver the most miles, other versions of the 2017-19 offer at least 200 miles.

Hyundai Kona Electric: 258 miles

This electric version of Hyundai’s compact SUV was added for 2019 and is still sold in limited cases.

Kia Niro EV: 239 miles

This small, electric version of the five-seater SUV joins the plug-and-hybrid models in the lineup and is new for 2019.

Chevrolet Bolt EV: 238 miles

New for 2017, this electric-only small hatchback featured a cheerful design and urban size, as well as a great price range at the time.

Jaguar I-Pace: 234 miles

New for 2019, the luxury compact I-Pace SUV features the luxurious interior design and coupe looks of a European sports utility vehicle.

Nissan Leaf Plus: 226 miles

The first generation Leaf mini electric hatchback arrived in 2011 with limited range and power, as we could have seen when we owned one. It got a lot nicer and more capable with the second generation arriving for 2018. The longer-range Plus series has been added with a bigger battery and 226 miles of range for 2019 (215 miles on higher trim levels). The Leaf’s standard range was 107 miles for 2017 and increased to 151 miles for 2018 and only decreased to 150 for 2019.

Audi e-tron: 204 miles

The E-Tron was an all-new electric SUV for 2019. It’s a traditional luxury SUV in design and capability and about the size of a gasoline-powered Audi Q5 SUV.

BMW i3: 153 miles

New for 2014 and discontinued after 2021, this four-seat hatchback with an unusual design and eco-friendly interior materials gets a range boost for 2019. Previous years offered 81 to 114 miles. It’s also unusual that the i3 offered a small, range-extending gas engine that’s fit for about 75 extra miles. The extra weight of the engine lowered the electric range for the 2019 to 126 miles, but gave the i3 an EPA-rated range of 200 miles.

Volkswagen e Golf: 125 miles

The electric version of the Volkswagen Golf hatchback was new for 2015 and US sales stalled after 2019 after expanding into most states. The 2017 model brought increased range (83 to 125 miles) and more power (115 to 134 horsepower). It’s a spacious, well-handled, traditional hatchback with an electric powertrain.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric: 124 miles

The electric variant of the compact sedan—there are hybrid and plug-in hybrid models as well—was new for 2017 and discontinued after 2021. The EV model was sold in limited cases.

Kia Soul EV: 111 miles

This tall, boxy hatchback was introduced in 2015 and dropped after 2019. It got an increased range from 93 to 111 miles for 2018.

Honda Clarity Electric: 89 miles

The alternative-fuel Clarity sedan, which was also introduced as a fuel cell vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle, was introduced as an electric vehicle for 2019 only and was sold in limited regions.

Fiat 500e: 84 miles

The electric version of the 500 Coupe was discontinued after 2019. It was new for 2013 and only sold in California, but it spread to some other states in 2016 — nice, fun and small.

Smart EQ ForTwo coupe (58 miles) and Smart ForTwo Electric Drive (57 miles)

The electric version of Smart’s small two-seater, and the only electric car to also have a convertible model, got a new name for 2019, its last year in the US market; A distance of one mile separates them. They were first sold in 2008 and earlier models are rated through 2016 for a range of 68 miles.

Pros of buying used electric vehicles

The savings for use on new ones can be significant – greater than many similar gasoline-powered cars. This is partly because tax subsidies for purchases of new electric vehicles are putting downward pressure on used prices. Also, improved technology and longer ranges for new electric vehicles make many older electric vehicles less desirable—particularly those with EPA-rated ranges of less than 200 miles. But a lower range may be fine for your daily needs.

Many shoppers worry that an expensive battery pack will fail to heart any electric car, but there’s good news here: In more than a decade of experience with mass-market electric vehicles, as well as hybrids and ATVs, batteries have exceeded expectations for long-term durability. . And long battery warranties—typically eight years or more and 80,000 miles or more—mean that delinquent electric vehicles, such as rental ones, will still have significant warranty protection.

While the federal electric vehicle tax credit applies only to new vehicles, you should check whether your state, city, or local municipalities offer incentives to purchase a used electric vehicle or install charging equipment.

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Some things to know

While battery failure is extremely rare, some loss of battery capacity – and therefore range – is inevitable with use and age. An electric vehicle typically loses about 20% of its capacity by about 100,000 miles, or 10 years. How and where (eg, at extreme temperatures) can accelerate degradation. Battery warranties do not cover this drop, although some do guarantee a minimum capacity (often 70%) for the life of the warranty. It’s important to check the health of the battery in the vehicle (most electric vehicles display the condition of the battery) or from your dealer so you know what to expect.

It is also important to confirm with the dealer or by vehicle identification number with the manufacturer’s customer service to confirm coverage of the vehicle’s remaining battery warranty, as well as to confirm that the warranty passes to a new owner. It’s also a good time to confirm the exact configuration and options for that vehicle; For some electric vehicles, for example, faster charging speeds or some charging accessories were options.

While used electric vehicles are sold at a huge discount, many of them are still very expensive. The luxury brands, led by Tesla’s massive share of the electric car market, are still the best sellers. That will change in the future, but used car buyers shop in the past.

The supply of used late-model electric vehicles from 2017-19 could be limited in many areas. Electric vehicles have traditionally been a small segment of US auto sales, and it is likely that many of those vehicles were only sold in select markets — most importantly, California and some other states that have required automakers to sell a share of electric vehicles. This means that you may have to travel outside your area or pay for shipping to get the EV you want. In the United States in 2021, nearly 40% of electric vehicles on the road — the group of potential used cars — were in California, says Experian. There was no other double-digit state, and many were between 0% and 1%. dealer listings are a good place to expand your EV search area.

Before you buy, you should have a plan for how to keep your electric vehicle cost-effective and budget-friendly as well. We recommend a Level 2 Home Charging Station for practical EV ownership. The cost varies depending on your circumstances; See examples of how it’s varied for editors.

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