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Here’s how the Audi R8 2022 stacks up against the competition

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The R8 debuted in 2006 as AudiThe halo model, and has kept that crown ever since. It only went through a one generation update in 2015, and since then it’s been on sale mostly unchanged except for a few minor upgrades. In comparison, a lot of its competitors are a lot newer. The Maserati MC20 is a new competitor that was only released to customers a few months ago, and the similarly priced McLaren GT has only been in production since 2019.

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So, the question is, is Audi still competitive in this crowded field of supercars? To answer that, it pays to break down the car into key areas and see exactly how it stacks up against its competitors. To really stand out in today’s market, a high-performance car has to be powerful and fun to drive, but it also has to be luxurious to sit inside. In addition, it should look good and come with all the technical features that today’s buyers have come to expect. There’s a lot any car can do, so let’s take a closer look at the 2022 R8 and see what it’s priced at.

8 Energy

In terms of raw horsepower, the R8 manages to be average but far from a leader in its class. The “standard” R8 engine puts out 562 hp and the performance version of the high-spec 602 hp. It’s more comfortable than the likes of the 528bhp Aston Martin Vantage, but it’s less than the 640bhp available in the Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Regardless of the numbers, the R8 definitely feels quick to drive, although it lacks the face-melting acceleration of the 911 Turbo S. One of the things that can’t be beat about the Audi is the note of the exhaust, which will ring in the driver’s ears long after That they got out of the car.

7 to treat

With nearly two decades of development work put into the R8, there’s an expectation that handling should be spot on, which is a good thing. It’s precise and unflattering, making it somewhat easier to drive than many of its more unpredictable competitors. This does not mean that it is boring, far from it. In fact, its greatest strength is that most drivers will feel comfortable pushing the limits of the car even if they don’t have much time behind the wheel.

However, the R8 is not without its drawbacks, and its transmission is the main one. Only an automatic gearbox is offered, and it tends to downshift on hard times, revving the engine before correcting itself. Competitors like the Aston Martin Vantage still offer a manual gearbox, and while they’re not the most popular customer choice, it’s a shame the R8 doesn’t offer at least one.

6 the design

For a car that is much older than many of its competitors, Audi does a very good job and it still looks sharp. Its aggressive design shares many cues with the rest of the Audi lineup, but it still looks unique enough to justify its halo status.

It looks noticeably better than its veteran competitor, the Nissan GTR. The Nismo version of the GTR costs about the same as the R8, yet the GTR looks years older due to the old Nissan design. If the GTR is a prime example of what not to do with an old car, the R8 is just the opposite. The 2022 car will continue to spin just as many heads in the meeting cars as the original could have done in 2006.

5 the interior

One of the biggest problems that many modern supercars suffer from is that their interior design does not match To wild exteriors and performance numbers. The R8 shares its platform with the Lamborghini Huracan, but you wouldn’t know, as there are no aircraft-style switches or jagged lines here at all.

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Instead, the Audi has a more refined and refined cabin for a couple, and as a result, it’s a much more attractive place to sit on long trips. A very large selection of interior colors and styles is available, so even the most discerning buyers will be able to select the car exactly to their liking. While the front seats have plenty of room for taller passengers, there isn’t a whole lot of room for anything else. Even compared to other supercars, Audi has very little luggage space, which limits its usefulness as a daily driver.

4 technology and communication

It may not be the first thing buyers think of when choosing a supercar, but technology and connectivity can make a huge difference to those who plan to use their cars regularly. After all, no one wants to spend $200,000 on a 2022 car and feel like they’re stepping into an antique.

Audi is very well equipped in this department, with the center console containing a few buttons for the main functions and everything else is controlled via the digital dashboard. It’s a system carried over from other Audi models, and it works really well here. Built-in navigation, voice commands, and a WiFi hotspot are all included as standard.

3 the operation

Let’s be clear about this: No one buys a supercar primarily for its functionality. But one of the most important selling points of a car like the Porsche 911 is that it can be used as a daily driver just as easily as it can be used as a track day toy. The R8 doesn’t offer the same versatility for several main reasons.

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The first is the lack of room for luggage, which, as mentioned earlier, is small even by supercar standards. The second is fuel economy, which is the lowest category. It hardly spoils deals, but it does mean long road trips will require more gas stops than many competitors such as the Aston Martin DB11 and McLaren GT.

2 prestige

Prestige is a hard-to-measure category, with opinions on every supercar and builder varying widely from person to person. but when motor direction manage articles He called the R8 “an unloved supercar” and claimed everyone had forgotten its existenceyou can be sure that it is not the most popular option at all.

Compare that to the Porsche 911, a car of similarly priced trim that is regularly celebrated for its stature and has a large dedicated fan base all over the world. Prestige isn’t everything, but most buyers want their cars to be status symbols, so it’s something to consider.

1 price

For 2022, the R8 Coupe starts at a base price of $151,895 and the Spyder at $172,095. Buyers who want a performance upgraded version will have to splurge a lot more, with the Coupe costing $202,995 and the Spyder $216,995. These numbers are broadly comparable to the rest of the supercar market, putting Audi in the middle of its segment.

The Porsche 911 Turbo S Coupe costs about the same as the performance R8, at $208,350. The Aston Martin Vantage is the bargain of the group, starting at just $142,086, and the Maserati MC20 is the most affordable with a base-level starting price of about $250,000 for the Spyder. In this context, the R8’s price is competitive but not class-leading, a sentiment that perhaps sums up its overall appeal in today’s supercar market.


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