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Anthony Macri came in from eighth on the start to take advantage of the 25-lap 410 race car at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night. It was Macri’s 15th victory this season and his third this year on the track.

In the 25-lap USA sprint, Alex Bright edged out a late sprint by Briggs Danner by the narrowest of margins to score his second win of the year on the track. The Grove is back in action next week when they have an outlaw that pays out $6000 to win the Randy Wolfe Tribute Race.

He then moved on to Lincoln Speedway where Anthony McCurry was once again looking to add his total wins to his country, and drew his second starting point. Macri hit the lead when the green flag went down. The final warning from the race came on lap 26 when Scott Fisher slowed down on the track. Macri had a solid start ahead of Bollinger, Rammer, Moody and Dietz. Rammer was throwing his all at Bollinger for the second time but couldn’t get anything stuck. Macri crossed the streak by 2.348 seconds over Bollinger to take the win. Rahmer took third place.

In a 358 race advantage, Chad Cresswell crossed the line 1.259 seconds ahead of Cameron Smith in the $1,700 win. Roland Brown and Jimmy Combs shared the front row to start the 15-lap, $1,500 race to win the Classic Car advantage on Saturday night. Roland finished half a car ahead of the checkered flag. Lincoln Speedway is back in action Saturday with 410 races, 358 sprints and super athletes, starting at 7:30 p.m.

Jason Schultz outlasted rivals Devon Borden and Blaine Heimbach to take his first win in 30 laps, the 22nd Annual Mach 1 Open 360 Car Race Saturday night at Selinsgrove Speedway.

Schultz, of Carlisle, earned $5,000 for his third win in four 360-degree motorsports on the track this season behind the wheel of the #35. Schultz also took the 360 ​​Racing Series title with his victory. Ken Duke of Selingrove drove to his second Selingrove win of the season in a 20-lap 305 race car, while Jake Jones of Hounlock Creek took his fourth win of the year in the 12-lap road race.

The upcoming Selinsgrove Speedway is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 19 and features 410 race cars and super-delayed models in the 25-lap main events that pay $5,000 to win the track’s 76th anniversary race.

Chad Smith didn’t know what to expect when he set out for the late Model 50 Saturday night at BAPS Motor Speedway. thats understood. Smith was placed 12th on the starting grid with plenty of heavy hitters in front of him. There were also unknowns to some of the late changes and how they would affect the car. Apparently, that didn’t happen. Smith stormed the field and took a breather when leader Chase Billett was put to the rear and then disqualified for spinning a backhand scorer.

His car was also damaged during the accident. The end result was the biggest win of Smith’s BAPS Motor Speedway career. Having taken the lead, he pulled away from the closing stages of the 50-lap affair to capture the emotional late model’s win.

In the BAPS Super Sportsman division, Kenny Edkin took the lead in the eighth circuit and beat Tony Jackson to claim his second win of the season in moto. Brian Walls started on the street stock market main event mogul and wired the field in a 20-lap advantage to claim his second win of the season.

Sami Real wrapped up the night with a victory in the Superior Homes Extreme Stock main event. This was Real’s fifth win this season in motorcycle racing.

At Port Royal Speedway, Jeff Halligan was the last driver standing on a tumultuous night of racing for the 410 sprint cars, as the young pistol claimed his second win of the season Saturday night. The $4,500 win was thanks to an additional bonus and came on Mike Wagner and Mike Walter II.

Jeff Ryan capitalized on his first row starting point to score his 28th win of his late career in a 25-lap non-stop event over Gary Stuhler and Jared Miley. Miley found his way into victory lane in the second feature that was make-up from earlier in the season where he beat Stuhler and Chad Myers. Andrew Yoder used the mid-race restart to get Matt Parks to get his first limited model late in the season win.

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Race car results: 1. Jeff Halligan, 2. Mike Wagner, 3. Mike Walter II, 4. Ryan Taylor, 5. Trenton Shaffer. Super late form results feature 1: 1. Jeff Ryan, 2. Gary Stehler, 3. Jared Miley, 4. Austin Perry, 5. Tyler Emory. Super Late Model results feature 2: 1. Jared Miley, 2. Gary Stuhler, 3. Chad Myers, 4. Kyle Lee, 5. Colton Flinner. Limited Late Form Results: 1. Andrew Yoder, 2. Dylan Stick, 3. Matt Parks, 4. Devin Hart, 5. Dalton Bigler


Late Model 50: 1. Chad Smith [12]; 2. Niklas Studt[6]; 3. Derek Miss[9]; 4. Charles Potts[8]; 5. Bobby Bird[11]. BAPS Super Sportsman (25 laps): 1. Kenny Edkin [6]; 2. Tony Jackson [8]; 3. 77 Ross Mitten [12]; 4. 35- John Edkin [3]; 5. 8M – Chris Melson [15]. Extreme Arrows (25 laps): 1. Sam Real [12]; 2. Patrick McClain [11]; 3. Chase Rippen [16]; 4. Johnny Palm [9]; 5. Donnie Broderick [6]. Street Stocks (20 laps): 1. Brian Walls [1]; 2. Kodi sites [2]; 3. Ryan Bloom [10]; 4. Good Lacho [8]; 5. Ryan Smith [20].


Sprint Advantage 410 (30 laps): 1. Anthony Macri ($5,000); 2. Aaron Bollinger. 3 – Freddy Rammer. 4. Kyle Moody. 5. Chase Dietz. 358 sprint advantage (20 laps): 1. Chad Cresswell ($1,700); 2. Cameron Smith. 3 – Jeff Rohrbow. 4. Steve Owings. 5. Cody Phillips. Classic Car Finishes (15 laps): 1. Roland Brown ($1,500); 2. Jimmy Combs. 3 – Dylan Brown; 4 – Tyler Miller. 5. Nate Todd.


410 race cars, 25 laps: 1. Anthony McCree, 2. Robbie Kendall, 3. Danny Dietrich, 4. Dylan Norris, 5. Freddy Ramir. USAC East sprint cars, 25 laps: 1. Alex Bright, 2. Briggs Danner, 3. Christian Bruno, 4. Steve Drewicki, 5. Mark Smith.


360 Race Cars – 18 entries – 30 laps: 1. Jason Schultz; 2. Blein Heimbach. 3 – Devon Borden; 4. Mark Smith. 5. Derek Locke. 305 Race Car – 26 entries – 20 laps: 1. Ken Duke; 2 – Keith Besinger; 3 – Kenny Hefner; 4 – Doug Dodson 5. Jarrett Bard. Roadrunners, 14 entries 12 laps A-Main: 1. Jake Jones; 2 – Keith Besinger; 3. Joe Kondo; 4 – Terry Kramer. 5. Matt Nye.


358 semi-late models – 1. Ryan Jacoby, Fernwood; 2. Rodney Phillips, 3. Gary Little, 4. Paul Ivory, 5. Justin Owens. Small block modification: 1. Robert Garvey, Allport; 2. Trent Ogden, 3. Shannon Kasher, 4. Milton Owens, 5. Hayden Holden. Street stocks: 1. Chad Rougeux, Hyde; 2. Rod Boardman, 3. Fozzie Fields, 4. Michael Burdt, 5. Allen Lamb. Pure Stock: 1. Tim Stess, St. Mary’s; 2. Ryan Schaffner, 3. Ryan Jones, 4. Bob Holt, 5. Justin Watt. Four cylinders: 1. John Brown, Woodland; 2. Greg Keel, 3. Bill Hasenplug, 4. Tanner Udgen, 5. Tim Campbell. Four-cylinder second chance: 1. Justin Vader, Frenchville; 2. Kevin Trembe, 3. Ryan Lippert, 4. Isaac Exley, 5. Ernie Exley. Four cylinders: 1. Lindsay McClellan, Clearfield; 2. Melanie Lozier, 3. Fairley Ilinsky, 4. Pauline Meyer, 5. Tracy Kephart

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