The police shot at a car that the officer fired after shooting him


Two policemen who opened fire on a Honda CR-V injured an officer after a 911 call for a shooting in Brooklyn early Saturday, New York police said, wounding a man inside the vehicle.


Police officers, members of the District Ninety Public Safety Team, responded to a report of a shooting by a nightclub near the corner of Broadway and Lorimer Streets in Williamsburg at 3:55 a.m., when they saw three cars fleeing the scene, the deputy police chief said John Chill, a Brooklyn North detective, told reporters on Saturday.

“They were fleeing at high speed and they passed a red light,” Chill said.

Officers scoured the area for fleeing vehicles and found them a short time later about two miles away near the corner of Maker and Vandervoort Aves. Chill said in Greenpoint. He said it looked as if the three cars had crashed into each other.

Two policemen got off their cruiser and approached a white Honda CRV ordering the driver to shut down the engine.

“We have one officer on the passenger side asking the driver to shut down the car,” said Chill, who reviewed the officers’ body camera footage. “Her partner in front of the car was giving directions. A minute later, the white car decided to flee, and hit one of the officers who had fired his firearm three times in that car.”

“He (he) threw him across the street when that car hit him,” Chill said of the injured officer. “The officer was about a foot or two in front of the white car when the gas hit.”

The policeman was injured in the leg and knee and was taken to the area hospital for treatment. Police said a second officer was wounded in the hand during the clash.

A short time later, a 21-year-old man showed up at Wyckoff Hospital with a bullet wound to the chest.

“We believe at this time it is the driver of the white car,” Chill said, noting that neither the white car nor the two other cars seen fleeing the call had been located.

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The driver was not immediately charged.

Investigators were investigating the shooting, Chill said, and were trying to determine if it was linked to a nightclub in that area.

“We will retract that call to what happened at Vandervoort and Meeker,” Schell said. “We have to get the whole situation together.”

Saturday’s shooting follows an ongoing trend where police officers have opened fire on fleeing vehicles. Police are believed to have shot or hit fleeing cars at least five times in the past six months.

NYPD policy discourages shooting at moving vehicles unless something other than a vehicle is used as a weapon. But there are exceptions based on circumstances.

In March, 18-year-old Luis Manuel Monsato was shot and seriously injured by Bronx police, who was caught with a body camera attacking a police officer at E. 165th St. and Boston Road in Mauritius.

Police have towed Manuel Monsato’s Jeep after it was seen emitting several red lights as it moved north on Boston Road.

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