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Dover – Three 15-year-old men were arrested early Wednesday morning in connection with a stolen car that was part of a series of recent incidents within the city, Dover police said.

The youths were arrested after the stolen 2017 Hyundai Sonata they were riding crashed into the Cannon Mills neighborhood. They fled the vehicle on foot before being caught without incident, a spokesperson for the sergeant said. Mark Hoffman said.

Police said the sequence began at 5:41 a.m., when an officer was called to a house on the 100th block of Thames Drive to get a report of the theft of the car. The officer then broadcast information about the incident on police radio.

A patrol officer at Dell 8 and Dover High Drive then discovered the stolen vehicle traveling west, and a brief chase ensued before the sergeant was arrested. Hoffman said.

He said it was not known whether the juveniles were involved in previous events. Responsive patrol officers investigate incidents.
The young men were to be charged with receiving stolen property, second-degree conspiracy, and resisting arrest. The driver was to be additionally charged with reckless driving, ignoring the signal of the police officer.

Arrest warrants approved, Sgt. Hoffman said, the indictment is pending.

Police said information on the bonds was not available and that the youths’ detention remained pending.

On Sunday, police issued a warning to Hyundai Sonata and Elantra owners about recent thefts and attempted robberies in the area. The warning said several 2015-2017 cars were either stolen or damaged during attempts in the past seven to 10 days.

In an incident on June 28, police said a stolen car hit a pole in Silver Lake Park before the suspects fled.

Police posted on social media two photos of suspects fleeing the crash site, along with a third photo showing the damaged interior of the car.

Counting the latest incident, the police said that a total of four stolen cars (all recovered) and two attempted thefts were reported.

Happy Sgt. Hoffman of Surge, “We don’t see vehicle thefts happening in groups like this very often. When they do, it’s usually associated with a group of vehicle thefts that are unlocked (valuables, loose change, etc.) but suspects They find a key/key during those accidents.”

Thefts and attempted robberies occurred in areas east and west of Dover, Sgt. Hoffman said.

While police said the “hot wire” method was used to steal cars, they did not reveal how this was done “to prevent additional accidents.”

Two vehicles were locked down by their owners prior to the theft, but the majority of the vehicles were unlocked, according to authorities. Police said the accidents occurred at all times of the day, including daylight hours.

Police asked anyone with information on any of the cases to call 302-736-7130. Callers may remain anonymous. Advice can also be provided to law enforcement through Delaware Crime Stoppers at 800-TIP-3333 or online at; Cash reward is possible for information leading to arrest.

Police issued tips to prevent car theft:

• Park your car in the garage if possible.

• Park your vehicle so that your vehicle “blocks” in your driveway.

• Park in well-lit areas / use motion lights / cameras outside your home if possible

• Lock and secure homes and garage doors. Doors left unlocked give suspected car thieves an opportunity to look for keys and steal vehicles undetected.

• Close all windows and doors and lock them when standing. Most vehicle thefts can be prevented by locking your car doors.

• Secure your valuables.

• Do not leave your keys in your vehicle. Keys and FOBs should never be left in the car, whether at home, work, or running errands. Take your keys with you!

• Never leave your vehicle running unattended. Heating your car on a cold winter morning or going to a convenience store while leaving your car running unattended leaves you vulnerable. Car thief looking for these easy targets.

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