Video captures a wrecked NC patrol cruiser on top of a parked car



A state Highway Patrol soldier who was chasing a speeding driver in Alamance County crashed into the driveway of a home in Burlington early Saturday morning, running his cruiser over a parked car.

Video posted on Facebook on Saturday He showed the patrol car resting on the exposed underside of an overturned Toyota Scion, parked at a home on Bland Boulevard off US Highway 70. It stopped, lights still flashing, just feet from where Ferris Russell’s 9-year-old grandson was sleeping. Inside.

“Had that car not been there, the State Soldier’s car would have passed through the house. Through my living room,” Russell told the News & Observer.

She had just entered the kitchen for a drink when she heard the sound of crashing outside, then heard her grandson screaming that he had seen flashing blue lights.

“He said, ‘Grandma, your car is on the porch and a police car is in your car,'” Russell said.

First Sergeant. State Highway Patrol spokesman Chris Knox said in an emailed statement that a police officer spotted the driver traveling about 100 miles per hour east on Interstate 40 at about 2 a.m. Saturday. Knox said the policeman was chased after the driver failed to stop. After getting off the highway, he said the chase continued on to US 70, and then onto Bland Street.

Knox said the soldier then used the “pit maneuver” to force the other driver to lose control and come to a stop. Knox said that both soldiers’ vehicles and suspicious vehicles “veered off the road and crashed into a parked vehicle.”

The video posted to Facebook, taken by Russell’s son, shows another parked vehicle with its doors ajar off the road across the street.

Knox said the suspect, 18-year-old Kyun Zai Jazy Herbin, fled on foot but was later arrested. He was charged with speeding, evading arrest, possession of a stolen vehicle, driving while impeded, carrying a concealed handgun, reckless driving, and a large number of other moving offenses related to stalking.

There were no reports of injuries.

Knox did not respond to follow-up questions Saturday about the soldier’s identity, or whether he followed the state’s Highway Patrol policy when he began and continued the pursuit, which ended near the entrance to a residential street east of downtown Burlington. Agency Policy Manual He says that both a policeman and his supervisor must continually assess a range of factors when chasing a suspect in a car, including whether driving a fleeing suspect poses a risk to the public and whether the suspect can be arrested at a later time without putting public safety in Risk.

The agency is currently facing a lawsuit in Pete County Court over its conduct in a manhunt in August 2020, which ended in a wreck that killed a 22-year-old East Carolina University intern in a Soldier’s car on a trip.

In Burlington, Russell’s home owner Estella Brown, said a tenant called her to tell her about the accident on Saturday morning.

“She didn’t sleep at all,” Brown said in a phone interview on Saturday.

By the time Brown got home, the place had been cleaned up, leaving debris from vehicles and minor damage to the exterior of the house.

Russell said the car parked outside owned by Russell’s nephew—which flipped over the concrete ramp, bent the front door frame and broke the window in the adjacent picture—was assembled.

She estimated that soldiers did not examine her and her grandson until about 30 minutes after the incident, once the suspect had been taken into custody. She wasn’t sure the wrecked patrol driver was OK at first—a supervisor later told her that the soldier had jumped out of the car to chase the suspect on foot.

Resized_Resized_20220528_032824 (1) .jpg
Issia Russell, 9, watches the crash scene of a state highway patrol cruiser in Burlington, North Carolina, on May 28, 2022. Ferris Russell

Russell said she is still traumatized by the incident, which left her traumatized.

“Every time I try to close my eyes, I just think of the scene,” Russell said.

This story was originally published May 28, 2022 7:27 PM.

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