WA legislative candidate says shooting at his car in Tacoma



State legislature candidate Sharlette Mina said that she and her partner were victims of a road rage incident in Tacoma on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

State legislature candidate Sharlette Mina said that she and her partner were victims of a road rage incident in Tacoma on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.


The Tacoma-area candidate for the Washington state representative announced Friday that her car was shot in a road accident in Tacoma.

Charlet Mina, Democrat, wrote in Twitter She was chased and shot while driving from her home Campaign launch Wednesday.

“Everything seemed to be fine and normal, and it just felt like the start of a really great campaign with a lot of energy from the community,” Mina said in an interview with The News Tribune on Friday.

Mina is one of three candidates vying for Legislative Constituency 29, 2nd place, for a seat. The other two candidates are Melissa Knott, Democrat, and David Figuracion, Republican. The two highest-ranked voters in the August 2 primaries will move on to the general election in November. District 29 includes parts of Tacoma, Lakewood, and Parkland, and south to Spanaway and Fredrickson.

Mina wrote in her Twitter thread that she and her partner were driving home after dropping a friend off at their home after the event. She said they were heading to South Yakima Avenue in Tacoma, with Mina in the passenger seat, when several cars started speeding near them and harassed them.

“There were cars going 60, 70, on a 30 mph road. There was a car that hit the bumps. They just felt like we weren’t going fast enough even though we were going at the speed limit,” Mina told the News Tribune. A second came and cut us off and hit the brakes.”

Mina said the other drivers started screaming through the window and wanted Mina and her partner to open their windows. Later, a passenger in the back seat of one of the cars pulled out a pistol and fired a shot that hit the front of Mina’s car.

Mina said she and her partner drove home and filed a report with the Tacoma Police Department. A police spokesperson said the department received a report of a drive-by shooting at the 7400 block of South Wapato Street at 10:15 p.m. The vehicle associated with the accident sustained documented damage. No other details were immediately available.

Neither Mina nor her partner sustained any physical injuries. Mina said she didn’t think they were specifically targeted.

“I don’t think this was targeted at all. It felt like the wrong place, the wrong time,” Mina told the News Tribune.

Mina said the incident proves that anyone can be affected by armed violence.

“At the start of the campaign, I was Charlette Mina’s nominee, and I felt like in the car I was another member of the community that lives here, and I feel like this can happen to anyone. It happens to people all over the community, and I feel like people, when I knock on their doors, are concerned “It’s not uncommon to walk into a neighborhood and see bullets in someone’s windshield,” Mina told the News Tribune.

In her tweet, Mina said she is determined to keep communities safe and prevent gun violence:

“I think this is actually a really beautiful community. I don’t think that defines us, I don’t think that’s the most striking feature of the 29th, but I do think it’s an epidemic in our region and our state and the country in general and I think we can’t just keep pretending that It’s all right. And I’m not saying people are, I’m saying we have to really show it through our actions… It’s one of the many responsibilities of a legislator and it motivates me even more to get to Olympia and do this work.”

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