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It’s easy to think that electric cars are for other people who live in other places. Not many electric vehicles are sold in every state and one can buy Your position on the political and cultural spectrum That conventional cars are less indicative of them. My inbox is full of surveys aimed at revealing the “best places to own an electric car,” but S&P Global Mobility predicts that the four states with the most plug-in cars in use today will still be in 2030: California, Florida, Texas and New York This is thanks in part to their large population.

Connect Vehicle Certification to 2030

Until 2030, the use of electric vehicles will remain largely unbalanced in a few densely populated states that are the primary driver of electric vehicle support.

S&P Global Mobility

What makes the “best place” question intriguing is that the next and much larger wave of shoppers interested in buying electric cars will be taking a closer look at living with these cars: or service and repair An electric car, they will likely cross the showroom into a gas-engine car. The Strategic TCO Advantage of Electric Vehicle It won’t mean much to the shopper who expects daily hassles using the thing.

The suitability of an EV begins with the realization of charging locations, particularly among EVs who don’t own a home that they can outfit with charging equipment. “The charging stations are not installed in the United States, they are not installed in New Mexico or Colorado; they are installed at Main St. & 7th,” Mark Boyadges, Global Technology Leader From the Automotive Advisory Group at S&P Global Mobilityunderscoring the highly localized nature of the suitability of electric vehicles.

Outside of general shipping locations, incentives from regional home shipper incentives, interest rate chartslocal penetration residential solar Government electric vehicle purchase incentives create an appetite for electric vehicles that is more accurate than a simple count of charging locations can reveal.

The current unbalanced set of situations in which plug-in cars are more common highlights the folly of this show. In Texas, where many automakers share a large part of their annual success selling traditional full-size gas and diesel trucks, any Austinite company can tell you. Their metro is lousy with Teslas. The Dallas-Fort Worth metro is expected to be the fastest growing in the country in terms of plug-in adoption. Tesla swarms like locusts in California’s Silicon Valley, but may need to be hauled to charge In large areas of the north of the state.

The fastest growing metro for electric cars 2021-2030

Not the usual suspects. Today it hardly comes to mind several major metro stations that will grow faster in the adoption of electric vehicles.

S&P Global Mobility

“Our consumer research indicates that the vast majority of people still feel that there is insufficient charging infrastructure where they live,” Boyadges says, although in many areas where respondents say charging is scarce The land is already enough for the number of vehicles out there. But it may not be where they want it to be.”

Unlike gas refueling, charging an electric vehicle may require spending a significant amount of time at the charging location. The history of gas-engine cars might have played out quite differently if refueling them required spending 30 minutes walking motionless down the aisles of a Minimart. owning The house that can be equipped with Level 2 charging equipment It is a major break point in perception, but in the long-legged parts of the West where many things are within an hour or two drive, even this breaks down.

It’s clear that compatibility with electric vehicles has been lumpy in these early days, as evidenced by US Environmental Protection Agency data indicating that the number of charging outlets or connections is growing much faster than the number of sites they host. This indicates that places that already have charging sites are seeing demand for more “slots” and that many electric vehicle owners are installing their own charging equipment at home, but it doesn’t seem to relate to strong growth in areas without charging sites on the launch.

Chart showing locations and charging points for electric vehicles

The number of charging ports or connections is growing much faster than the number of sites hosting those connections. This points to continued lumpy supply of – and demand for – US charging infrastructure.

Environmental Protection Agency

It’s been a long time since car buyers have had to think carefully about whether they live somewhere supportive of owning a car: Fuel has always been ubiquitous, as has maintenance and repair for all but a few exotics. Each state has a network of agents with contracts to match locations and inventory to demand for brands or models. Electric vehicles will get to that point, but in the next decade we’ll watch the history of car adoption unfold for only the second time in so long.

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