WirelessCar Expands Connected Vehicle Services with New Android-Based Apps Shown in Polestar Vehicles




DetroitAnd the 8 June 2022 /PRNewswire/- Wireless CarToday, the leading provider of connected car services announced an expansion of applications built on the Android Automotive operating system (Android Auto OS), paving the way for automakers to develop truly new digital services for their customers in a fraction of their traditional development time.

Wireless Car since this spring is characterized by this new apps Globally in cars from Polestar, Sweden– Manufacturer of premium electric vehicles. WirelessCar announced today at AutoTech: Detroitan influential trade fair hosted by Informa and WardsAuto.

Currently, automakers are restricted to long development cycles. It may take 12 to 24 months for new hardware, software, and in-vehicle logic to be brought to market. With WirelessCar’s new Android Auto OS apps, automakers will be able to offer new connected car services with little or no lead time and significantly lower costs. It will also be easier to update in-car apps with over-the-air updates.

One of the new WirelessCar apps, Journey Log, collects and tracks details about every trip made in the car, storing the data securely in the WirelessCar cloud. This app benefits consumers and businesses who need to keep track of mileage and energy consumption and allows trip classification. The service can also be extended for Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) applications.

Another new WirelessCar Android Auto OS app for large companies is collecting the same type of trip information for fleets, such as rental car companies. Fleet owners will be able to monitor the usage and availability of fleet vehicles in real time and at a system level. For example, they will be able to get alerts based on the number of hours each vehicle has been used or when it goes outside specified geographic limits.

“Car makers will be one of the biggest winners thanks to WirelessCar’s next-generation technology,” said Niclas Floren, CEO of WirelessCar. “Car companies using WirelessCar apps will be able to analyze real-world vehicle data that will drive better decisions about features and engineering.”

Another advantage of automakers is the seamless integration of new applications and services, including third-party applications. Any data collected in the WirelessCar cloud can be anonymised, removing any personally identifiable information that would compromise consumer privacy. Rather than simply maintaining their existing systems with a digital veneer, automakers will be able to offer truly digital services.

WirelessCar predicts that 70% of car makers will offer Android Auto OS on new models by 2025. WirelessCar is already working extensively on Android Auto OS, developing new in-vehicle applications to connect the latest vehicles with WirelessCar products and services, which it designed, It has been developed and operated for many international car brands over the past 20 years. By utilizing Android Auto OS, WirelessCar will provide automakers with new ways to interact with B2C and B2B customers; Seamless real-time access to vehicle data; and built-in privacy settings. WirelessCar solutions allow car companies to maintain complete control and ownership of the information their vehicles generate.


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